Tibidabo: A Bird's-Eye View of Barcelona

Standing at the precipice of Tibidabo mountain you feel like a great bird, wings spread wide, soaring high above the valley and the city of Barcelona, cradled between the mountains and the Mediterranean.

At 512 meters above sea level, Tibidabo is the highest point of the Collserolla hills, the massif that forms Barcelona's backdrop.

Tibidabo peak is home to two sets of history – the mountain's soaring cathedral and it's fun-filled amusement park.

Tibidabo is where you will find the Church of the Sacred Heart with its beautiful bronze statue of Jesus Christ looking onward to the Mediterranean with open arms.

The church was started in 1902 and its Neo-Gothic design contrasts sharply with Barcelona's three main churches in the Gothic Quarter. You'll notice the three central mosaics once your inside the church's white-blue walls.

Completed in 1941, the mosaics depict three scenes in vivid color and provide the interior with a constant rainbow of wonderful light.

The Tibidabo amusement park first opened its doors in 1899. Since then, generation after generation of Barcelona's children and parents have enjoyed the park's festive atmosphere, attactions and fantastic views.

From the vantage point of Tibidabo you can see the entire city stretched out at your feet.

The Sagrada Familia, the twin skyscrapers of the Olympic port, the harbor and many other Barcelona sites are visible from the scenic lookout at the top of Tibidabo.

The peak's Sacred Heart Church has two high vantage points that provide a view of Barcelona as well as of Tibidabo. The first of these, the terrace, can be reached by lift. From here you can take the interior stairs of the tower to the base of the huge bronze statue of Jesus.

But Tibidabo is more than just a high point. It is a location that holds its own attractions and delights.

Tibidabo's amusement park sits at the feet of the church, welcoming visitors with over 30 modern and old-fashioned rides and attractions.

Many of the rides take you to greater heights where you can get a bird's eye view of the funfair, the city and Tibidabo.

The funfair is a place for all ages: both adults and children will enjoy an afternoon flying and spinning on its many different attractions.

Other points of interest that you can visit on Tibidabo include Barcelona's Planetarium and Science Museum, the Fabra Observatory, and the Collserola Tower, a 288 meter-high telecommunications tower designed by Norman Foster and built for the 1992 Olympic Games.

Collserola Park, which features miles of meandering trails and pockets of peaceful villages, surrounds Tibidabo.

It is the perfect place to escape the city, go for a Mt. bike ride or for a hike.

  • "Tibidabo" means, I will give to you. The phrase is taken from the Bible. It also can be found inscribed on the central dome of the Vatican's Cathedral of St. Peter.
  • Catalán architect Enric Sagnier designed the Church of the Sacred Heart. His works include Barcelona's Palace of Justice, numerous buildings around Spain and a school in Perth, Australia.
  • The foundation stone for the Collserola communications tower was laid in 1990.

The "Temple del Sagrat Cor" by its Catalan name, translates to the Church of the Sacred Heart and is actually two churches, one on top of the other as can be seen in this image.
The "Temple del Sagrat Cor" by its Catalan name, translates to the Church of the Sacred Heart and is actually two churches, one on top of the other as can be seen in this image.

Tibidabo's opening and closing hours are varied, as are the prices for the various attractions offered at the park. For more information about Tibidabo, click here to go to the area's official site.