Our Barcelona Bike Tour Style

In a bike tour industry teeming with newcomers, Barcelona Experience stands out as an original member of Barcelona's bike tour world.

Our ties to bicycle tourism reach back to 1995, when only a few tour groups existed.

Over the years, we've learned a few things about the business: good bikes equate to good tours, and your tour company's philosophy makes all the difference:

  • Experience: Barcelona bike tour companies are like Barcelona´s tapas and wine bars – you´ll find one at nearly every corner. The difference between them and us? We are one of the few companies who have a link to the genesis of the Barcelona bike tour movement. We've been in the Barcelona bike business for more than a decade.

  • Quality Bikes: Our bikes are solid. Smooth rides. Sturdy parts. Rugged spirit. No squeaky frames, sinking seats or shifty steering. A few pedals into your adventure with us and you´ll realize your ride is worth every bit of its $650 sticker price.

  • Reliable Support: Your dream Barcelona vacation won't turn into a customer service nightmare when you book with us. Should anything go wrong with your bike (typically a flat tire) we fix it on the spot at no cost to you. Full support. Quick service. No hidden fees. We´ll have you back and riding in no time.

  • Small Group Size: Group size isn´t just a numbers game; it´s a matter of service. Our rule of thumb is 10 to 15 riders per guide. Since most tours have a lead guide and a trailing guide, we have the freedom to fix problems on the fly without slowing down the group.

  • Freedom: No other form of transportation allows you to go just about anywhere in Barcelona. You can visit the narrow streets of the Old City, Barcelona´s beaches or escape to Tibidabo to ride above the city´s hustle and bustle. Our bikes will take you down walkways and footpaths that make cars and buses jealous.

  • Efficiency and Ease: Participating in our tours is like, well, riding a bike. It´s that easy. We put an emphasis on a relaxing pace as we, for the most part, follow bike paths and footpaths. Forget spending 8 or 9 hours walking around Barcelona. Do the same trip in 3 or 4 hours on one of our bikes.

  • Low ecological impact: Riding a bike is a green and environmentally-friendly way to experience Barcelona. No emissions, no pollution; just a bit of pedal power and a whole lot of fun.

Barcelona Experience is one of only two companies in the city who were around for the genesis of the city´s network of bike tours. We've offered high-quality, personalized bike tours to thousands of people since day one of our business.

Gaston Magrinat, Barcelona Experience's owner and founder, joined the Scenic team in 2003 to develop and manage their bike services. An experienced guide, bike expert and world traveler, Gaston fell in love with the bike tour/rental business. He bought Scenic in 2005 and brought it Barcelona Experience's tour operations.- In 2007, we co-founded Associació Bicitours Barcelona (Barcelona Bike Tours Association).

Gaston and Barcelona Experience are proud to be a founding father in the Barcelona bike tour business.

There´s no better way to see certain parts of Barcelona than by bike. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Fun: Two wheels make it easy to have fun. Ride the medieval maze of narrow streets of the Gothic Quarter, taste the salty Mediterranean air along open stretches of beaches, or enjoy a cold (or hot) drink in a hidden plaza as you watch the city lazily wander its way through a sunny afternoon.

  • Friendly: Our bike tours are a personal, discreet experience in which you get to know your guide and your guide gets to know you. No obnoxious college students leading you along, just professional guides sharing with you pearls of Barcelona's history and heart.

  • Safe: Our diligence is your safety. We dedicate ourselves to training our guides in the nuances of group cycling dynamics to ensure a safe, fun ride. Most of our rides take place on well-marked bike trails or side streets with light traffic. As always, we obey Barcelona´s traffic laws

  • Simple: We wait on you. You don't wait for us. We set our bikes up in advance of the tour's starting time. Your part is easy: show up, hop on and pedal into the city.

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