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Our Parks & Gardens Barcelona bike tour takes you to less-travelled areas of the city where the sprawl of urban life trickles away with every gust of Mediterranean breeze.

You'll discover during your bike tour Barcelona is a busy city, but locals are good at finding green spaces where they can get a break from the pace of the city.

Each one of our private bike tours offers you the Barcelona Experience difference: high–quality bikes, knowledgeable and friendly guides, attentive service, on-tour support and optional delivery and pickup of your bikes.

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Diagonal Mar Park is a large open space filled with many different areas to explore, like this bridge that goes from one side of the pond to the other.
Diagonal Mar Park is a large open space filled with many different areas to explore, like this bridge that goes from one side of the pond to the other.
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Half Day Private Barcelona Parks & Gardens Bike Tour (3-4 hours) Price & Booking Information

1-5 People 240 € (Flat fee: price is same for 1 person as it is for 5) Includes bike delivery and pickup.
6-10 People 40 € per person. (Includes bike delivery and pickup.)
11 or More People 25 € per person. (Bike delivery and pickup is not included and is optional)
Early Bird Option Additional 5 € per person. Option available at booking.
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Optional Bike Delivery and Pickup Price Information

1-10 People Included in the cost of the tour as noted above.
11-20 Bikes 195 euros (taxes included)
21-40 Bikes 275 euros (taxes included)
41-60 Bikes 365 euros (taxes included)
61 or More Contact us for a quote. We can deliver up to 300 bikes!
Round Trip All prices are for round-trip service, which includes both delivery & pickup.

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Barcelona's urban parks – whether small playgrounds or sprawling, multi-block spaces – are a unique, intentional system of areas put in place by the local government to bring harmony to the constant struggle of finding quiet, intimate spaces in a city packed with buildings and people. Experience what many Barceloneses already know – for all the money the city invests in tourism, it does a fantastic job of curating organic spaces that offer city-wearied residents a chance to unwind.

Lively dialogue about how and why city planners incorporate parks and gardens will give you a more comprehensive understanding of Barcelona's growth, an understanding that few tourists ever get to experience.

Pedal your way through series urban parks where the pace of life slows to a crawl. Children play in the shade. Local families gather for parties. The sound of cars and buses seem to fade as you reflect on your Barcelona vacation.

Ponder the meaning behind modern sculptures that snake their way through these spaces, connecting the steel and brick buildings of the city with the sand and sea.

One-block neighborhood parks give you a unique view into the daily life of a Barcelona resident. You'll find that the city's park spaces are a central meeting point people who want to relax in the company of family and friends.

Time Frames

  • This bike tour is between 3-4 hours. You can choose your prefered starting time during the booking process. We suggest an early start.

Meeting Point

  • With Bike Delivery & Pickup: If you chose our bike delivery and pickup service, you can start and end your tour just about anywhere! We will deliver, setup and have your bikes ready to go at your hotel, apartment, congress, etc. At the end of your tour we will pickup the bikes at your designated ending point (restaurant, hotel, etc.). This option affords the greatest convenience and flexibility.

  • No Bike Delivery & Pickup: If you do not want to have the bikes delivered your tour will start and end at our shop located at: Calle Montserrat, 8.

Things to Consider

  • Group Size: However big or small your group, we will never exceed our maximum guide-to-client ratio of 1 guide for up to 15 riders. Large groups will be divided into smaller ones to maintain a high level of quality, service and safety.

  • Skill Level: This is an easy going and relaxing bike tour. If you can ride a bike, you can easily enjoy this bike tour.

  • What to Bring: Dress appropriately to the season. During the summer season, consider bringing sun block, sun glasses, a hat, etc., as it can be quite hot.

  • Food & Drink: Let us program the perfect stop for your private bike tour. Anything from a simple drink to some tasty tapas– we've got just the right spot in mind.

  • Helmets: If you would like to use a helmet, please let us know. They are not required by law.

  • "Book Early": We book on a first-come, first-serve basis. Dates fill up during the busy season.

  • Unsatisfied with this itinerary? Questions about our tours? Contact us to start a dialogue about what you need and when you need it.

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