Barcelona Experience Press Release: "Picture Perfect in Barcelona"

Text by S. Coull. Images by G. Magrinat

How often have you returned from a beautiful place like Barcelona only to find your travel pictures are blurry, out of focus, or even wonderful but missing someone – you! Yes, travel photography can be a frustrating mission to capture the essence of a wonderful experience to share with loved ones (or just make them jealous), which often proves fruitless.

“But Gaudi’s Park Guell really is amazing and fairy tale like – it just looks funny because of the way the camera’s angled, and the suns in my face …”

Sounds familiar? Tuning into the importance of pictures to complement memories, Gaston Magrinat has introduced his great passion for photography to his professional guiding service, Barcelona Experience.

He said:

“I have been learning and improving as a photographer for many years and, having travelled widely, I find it is an important way for me to explore the feelings evoked by the character of the people and places I come to know. Barcelona Experience is a flexible tours service which is about creating a holiday in this fantastic city for the individual, so catching my clients’ experiences on camera is a natural next step for me.”

Gaston, a bilingual guide in possession of over a decade’s experience, finds the service goes hand-in-hand with his tailor-made tours of Barcelona and Catalonia.

He explained:

“My clients are among an increasing number of travelers seeking personalized tours which reflect their individual interests and passions. I spend time with them in a friendly, informal way, so that I effectively become their ‘friend in the city.’ After extensive conversations in the planning stages, I show them the hot spots, the sights, the bars or the restaurants that I know they will enjoy. For such a unique and special experience in a visually stunning place like Barcelona, evocative photography is a fantastic way to keep the memories alive.”

Just as good photography is a must for landmark times in our lives such as weddings and graduations, Gaston finds an increasing number of clients’ value high quality, unique and creative pictures as a way of recording incredible travelling experiences.

Now branching into photojournalism, Gaston insists his greatest pleasure is still hanging out with his eternally charming and always different clients in the magnetic city of Barcelona, camera in hand.

“There is nothing like the joy of meeting fascinating new people to remind you what travelling experiences are all about, and when a happy customer is laughing wildly in the lively blur of a bustling tapas bar, or looking pensive in the gardens of Park Guell, or smiling with exhilaration on a challenging walk in the Collserolla Hills, these are the moments made for the camera, and these are the pictures I take with pleasure, and clients eagerly ask me for copies time and time again.”

Furthermore, these are the kind of pictures which portray a true experience to friends and family, and ensure travelers steal a moment to look over with fond memories, even years later.

Gaston working a wedding reception. “I handed one of my cameras to a guest to get a shot with the happy couple”.