Private Shore Excursions: Why Barcelona Experience?


Laugh. Smile. Feel your sense of adventure and wonder emerge.

We talk with you to find the right balance of information and imagination for your private shore excursion.

We don't bury you under thousands of years of historical facts and figures. Unless, of course, you want us to!

Reliability for Cruisers

Peace-of-mind is a cornerstone of our service. Since 2003, the Barcelona Experience team has taken thousands of groups from ship to shore and back again. We pick you up on time. We drop you off on time. You'll never miss the boat.


You won't be herded along with dozens of other tourists; just you or your small group and our enthusiastic expert exploring the city. At times, you'll feel more like a Barcelona resident than a visiting tourist.

Friendly & Easy-to-Understand Local Guides

We've got decades of first-hand Barcelona experience. Our team consists primarily of friendly native English-speakers, and also includes personable non-native English-speakers whose accents are easy to understand. You'll always know where you're going, what you're doing and what you're seeing.

Quality Equipment

Poor equipment can ruin even the best tours. That's why our bikes are industry-leading and our private tour vans offer comfortable, reliable transportation.


We form a collaborative, realistic itinerary shaped around your preferences and needs. We're ready to accommodate you at a moment's notice. We show you the way, and you call the shots during your private Barcelona shore excursion.


No wasting time. Our focus is to maximize your tour by taking you to the places that matter. We pare away the fluff to bring you the best information about Barcelona's buildings and byways.


Our flexible itineraries allow you to choose your own slate of activities during your time in Barcelona. Bikes, walking, cars, taxis or more unconventional means of travel; choose one, choose a few or choose them all.


On our tours, we treat you like family. Ask questions and talk about your own experiences abroad and at home. We'll do the same. Our private shore excursions are less about us and more about you.

At Your Own Pace

You set the speed of your tour. Stay late at one stop, or leave early from another. You decide. We want you to enjoy the city at a pace that is most comfortable for you.

Special Requests

Don't see something you want on your tour? Ask us about it. Whether it's a gala dinner in a historical building, special transportation or a sentimental side-trip; we'll do our best to make it happen. We love a good challenge!

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