About Gaston Magrinat: Barcelona Professional Photographer

Growing up with a father who had a dark room was pretty cool.

It was just me, my dad and the warm glow of the infrared light that blanketed with a crimson shadow the dark room he had in my childhood home in Canada.

I still remember that room; the light, the smell of chemicals and the way vibrant pictures magically appeared on white photo paper.

Times are different these days. Cameras are digital, photos are kept in computers instead of scrapbooks and dark rooms like my dad's are a thing of the past.

Gaston takes a quick break as the crew set the sails for this Mediterranean wedding. Image taken by one of the crew.
Gaston takes a quick break as the crew set the sails for this Mediterranean wedding. Image taken by one of the crew.

My love for photography, however, hasn't changed. I've realized the power and beauty of capturing from behind the lens the events of life.

I like catching my clients at their best: enjoying themselves, relaxing amid Barcelona's charming streets and letting down the walls we often put up amid the stress of everyday life.

My Photography Philosophy: Big moments, small details

Every event – whether it's a wedding, engagement, pregnancy or party – is a fascinating collage of big and little moments.

The flower girl's glowing grin. A pair of earrings waiting for the bride. Your infant's joyous eyes. A respected manager's humbling tears at a retirement party. Your football- playing son's first goal.

These moments come and go; I want to make sure the tears, the joy and the revelry last forever. My goal is to tell your story.

I like a good challenge, too!

If your event doesn't fit into weddings, engagements, family or our general event category, contact me for your Barcelona photography needs.

Whether it's Barcelona, Tarragona, Sitges or beyond into Girona and other parts of Catalonia, I'll do my best to create a photography package that captures your story.

My Photography Experience

Over the years, I've had the chance to photograph a wide variety of events, people and locations:

  • More than 10 years of professional photography experience
  • Photos included on KLM Royal Dutch Airlines' website
  • Numerous product/business photo shoots with Barcelona companies
  • Assignments in a wide range of private and public settings
  • Photography of tours and tour groups
  • All images for this website, unless otherwise indicated, are my work.

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