Barcelona's Soaring Buildings & Attractions: The Heights of Sagrada Familia to the Hills of Montserrat

From its ancient roots as a Roman stronghold in the empire's western region to its current standing as a cultural capital, Barcelona has been home to notable buildings.

Antoni Gaudí is the city's most famous architect. However, Barcelona offers a wide variety of buildings and sites both functional and full of beauty.

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Gaudí's Sagrada Familia

Sightseeing Barcelona, the Sagrada Familia: visitors making their way up to the entrance of the basilica of the Sagrada Familia.
The king of Barcelona's tourist attractions, and one of the most unique and recognizable churches in the world.

Gaudi's La Pedrera

Sightseeing Barcelona, La Pedrera: The roof of the Pedera offers fantastic views of the city and the Sagrada Familia.
Also known as Casa Mila, it's one of the few projects Gaudi saw to completion. A visit to the roof offers great views of the city and the Sagrada Familia.

Gaudí's Casa Batlló

Sightseeing Barcelona, Casa Batllo: The roof of the Casa Batllo has some interesting shapes.
Few structures in Barcelona match the luxury and symbolism of this apartment building reformed by Antoni Gaudi.

La Boqueria market

Sightseeing Barcelona, The Boqueria Market: fresh fish at the boqueria market.
Colors, smells and culinary dreams come alive at this open market located just off Las Ramblas'


Sightseeing Montserrat: finger like rock formations behind the church of Montserrat
The holy heights of this mountain, home to a nearly 1000-year-old monastery, have long been a haven for priests, protesters and mystics.

Santa Maria del Mar

Sightseeing Barcelona, Santa Maria del Mar Church: an image of a section of the bell tower of the santa maria del mar church.
Tucked away amid apartment buildings and narrow streets, this gothic church is a hidden gem and a shining example of Catalan gothic architecture.

Hospital Sant Pau

Sightseeing Barcelona, Hospital de Sant Pau: an image of beautiful and decorative facade of hospital sant pau.
The Hospital Sant Pau is one of the most important, and lesser known, examples of Catalán Modernism architecture.

Montesquiu Castle

Sightseeing Montesquiu Castle: an image of the castle.
Montesquiu castle, a 13th-century medieval structure, holds stories of ages past.