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Find answers to our most frequently asked questions about our Barcelona bike tours, rentals and other bike-related services.

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It's a fun, safe, exciting and efficient way to see the city.

Riding a bike in Barcelona is like flying through the crowds and streets of the city with freedom and ease.

Cover an incredible amount of terrain in a short time with little effort.

Absolutely! Barcelona has worked hard to make itself a bike-friendly city. Barcelona has substantially increased its network of bike lanes, added bike-specific traffic lights and a public biking system available to residents.

Our guides know the best routes, follow traffic laws and are trained to navigate the city landscape with ease, safety and fun.

No, helmets are not required. However, we do have them available if you want to wear one.

Yes, Barcelona has worked very hard to develop and expand its network of bike lanes. Now, designated bike lanes make it possible to travel most of the main streets.

Bikers are subject to the same laws as vehicular traffic and, as such, may also receive tickets. You are not allowed to use a phone or headset while riding. You must obey and respect traffic lights and traffic signs.

Biking Barcelona is a great way for your kids to experience the city in a fun, interactive and unforgettable way. We have kids' seats, helmets and children bikes available.

We recommend one of our private bike tours for families with children. These tours cater specifically to your needs and your children's needs. Riders must be at least 8 years old.

Yes. We have helmets, child seats and kids bikes available. Most of our bikes have bike racks already attached.

We rarely have mechanical problems because we use high-quality bikes and we keep our fleet in tip-top shape.

Should you encounter a problem with your bike (flat tires are the most common), we will fix it or replace the bike immediately, at no cost to you.

If you are part of a tour, we normally replace the bike with a bike from one of our guides or our support vehicle. If your bike is a rental, contact our service line and we will send our support vehicle to you.

Barcelona doesn´t have too many rainy days. When it does rain, it's rarely a ferocious downpour.

Our tours leave according to schedule, rain or shine. In the event the rain makes our tours unsafe, we'll wait until the rain subsides before beginning or continuing a tour.

Private tours are never canceled due to weather.

We accept major credit cards, cash (euros only) or bank transfers for groups and pre-paid reservations.

Our cancellation policy is dependent upon what service you are booking. All cancellations must be done by e-mail or through our website.


Bike rentals and open bike tours may be cancelled 48 hours prior to your reservation for a full refund.

Those cancelled less than 48 hours and no shows are nonrefundable.

No-shows on the day of the rental/tour will not be refunded.


Private bike tours may be cancelled 28 days prior to your reservation for a full refund.

A 50% refund is available for private bike tours cancelled between 27 and 15 days before your reservation.

Cancellations made less than 14 days before the reservation, as well as no-shows, are nonrefundable.

No. We usually ride on flat ground, open areas and bike lanes.

Our bike tours are not meant to be workouts. They're leisurely rides at a slow and easy pace.

If you know how to ride, you will have no problem with our tour.

Wear comfortable shoes and clothes appropriate to the season. For the summer months, we suggest wearing shorts, a hat, sunglasses and, if you burn easily, some sunblock.

Of course! You can combine your private bike tour with a wide range of other activities: themed-tours like Gaudi, food and wine, shopping and photography.

We also can combine our bike tours with treasure hunts, beach activities or any number of other possibilities.

Contact us for a fun, specialized bike experience.

No. However, small groups will have a higher per-person cost than larger groups.

No. We´ve organized tours for groups of more than 250 people! Large groups will be divided into smaller groups to maintain a good guide-to-client ratio.

Yes. Reservations are required to book a private bike tour.

Most of our bike tours are in English. However, our staff speaks several languages. Let us know which language you need!

Private bike tours allow you to decide the length of your tour. Our private tours typically last between 3-3.5 hours, the perfect length to experience Barcelona by bike.

Yes! Transporting our fleet of bikes is one of our specialties.

Our specially-designed vehicles allow us to bring our bikes to just about anywhere in Barcelona.

In fact, most of our private tours start and end at our client's specified locations. After all, it's easier to bring the bikes to you than for you to bring your group to us!

Our guides, the bikes, mechanical and logistical support and the planning and execution of a wonderful Barcelona bike tour experience are included in your tour.

You may choose extra services: bike transport to your starting and ending points (a hotel, an apartment, a restaurant, etc.), drinks, a stop for tapas or a nice lunch at a local restaurant.

Flat tire, no problem! We will fix or replace your bike on the spot during your private bike tour.

Our guides will quickly exchange your bike with a replacement from our fleet. This will allow your group to continue with their bike tour within minutes.

Yes, as this is the only way to guarantee availability and to confirm your bike and other booking details.

All reservations must be made through our online booking system.

To reserve your bike and guarantee your model, day and time, click here to go to our bike rentals page.

A valid passport or photo ID is required to rent a bike. Minors must be accompanied by an adult in order to rent a bike.

Yes. You may use a credit card or cash for your security deposit.

The deposit amount depends on the bike model you rent and is fully refundable if the bike is returned without any damages.

Because it is illegal to retain passports or identity cards, they cannot be used as a security deposit.

Mechanical support, bike locks, position lights and route maps are included.

Helmets, child seats and other additional equipment are available for rent but are not included in the cost of the bike rental.

Yes. We provide locks, lights and maps with your bike rental at no charge.

Yes. This is one of our specialties. We´ll bring your bikes right to your door – or anywhere else in Barcelona - if you add bike delivery and pickup to your booking.

Click here to go to our bike rentals page to read more about our bike delivery and pickup services.

There is a risk of theft when leaving bikes unattended on the street in Barcelona, just like in other big cities. You are ultimately responsible for the bike and we strongly suggest you follow these guidelines:

    1. Always lock your bike properly and securely with the lock provided when not in use, even if you will just be sitting on a terrace. Thieves are very quick to take advantage of an opportunity.
    2. If possible, bring the bike inside your hotel or apartment for overnight rentals for added security. Our folding bikes are compact and easily stored in a corner of your room.
    3. If you use common sense and be proactive, you shouldn't have any problems.

Renting a bike is like renting a car. You will be held responsible for any damages to the bike, and will be charged at market value for repairs or replacement parts.

If your bike is lost or stolen, you will be charged the market value (replacement cost) of your bike.

Yes, theft insurance is available on some of our bike models, but not on all of them.

Our insurance reduces the replacement cost of the bike by 50%. For example, if you rent a bike with a 500 euro replacement cost, you'd only be liable for 250 euros if your bike is stolen.

During the booking process you will have the option to purchase theft insurance. Costs will vary and are specific to each bike model.

You can rent a bike for as little as 3 hours or as long as multiple weeks.

Yes. Just contact us by phone or e-mail to extend your rental.

Click here to go to our bike rentals page to read more about our bike rental terms and conditions.

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