Private Barcelona Shore Excursions and Day Trips Beyond The City: Refined Service, Respected Reputation

Barcelona Experience can turn your private shore excursion into the adventure of a lifetime. Our multi-national staff will take care of all the details in your custom-created itinerary so you have the freedom to enjoy the city.

  • We'll always get you back to the ship in time to savor the day's memories.
  • No long lines.
  • No tourist traps.
  • No needless worry.
  • Just Barcelona at her best – street by street, hidden treasure by hidden treasure.

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Choose Your Own Adventure...Walking, Biking or Driving

Uncork a bottle of wine. Pedal past history, or pound the pavement. Relax in your own van with an attentive host. Savor a smooth cocktail, or slip into a pair of chic sandals. We treat you like one of our own as we work with you to create an adaptable, fulfilling private shore excursion.

Private Barcelona Walking Tours: Hidden Treasures, Step-by-Step

Beautiful squares tucked away amid winding pathways and history around every corner; our seasoned guides share their first-hand knowledge of locations seldom met by tourists' soles

A view of a hidden courtyard during a private Barcelona day tour.
Enjoy discovering hidden plazas and quite streets during your Barcelona private walking tour.

Private Barcelona Driving Tours: Creature Comforts

From Tibidabo's majestic silhouette to the magnificent sea, our dock-to-city driving tours immerse you in comfort, reliability and a comprehensive itinerary that we can help you choose.

A client enjoying the comforts of her Barcelona private car tour.
Private Barcelona car tours will take you anywhere in comfort and style.

Private Barcelona Bike Tours: The Roads Less Traveled

High-quality, sturdy and compact, our two-wheeled tours send the Mediterranean breeze through your hair as we dive into the heart of the city's fascinating collection of neighborhoods.

Our Dahon private barcelona bike tour bikes lined up while the group explores the interior of this medieval building.
Private bike tours Barcelona: Small group sizes, first class quality bikes, personalized service...

Beyond Barcelona Private Shore Excursions & Day Trips

Discover Girona´s Roman ruins, Dali's Costa Brava home or the 1,000-year-old monastery at Montserrat all in the luxury of your own car in the company of an English-speaking host who knows and loves the Spanish region of Catalonia.

An image of the 'Devil's Bridge', a well preserved Roman aquaduct in Tarragona.
The famous 'Devil's Bridge', one of the longest and best preserved Roman aquaducts in Spain located in Tarragona.