Barcelona Experience Wedding Photography: Capturing Your Biggest Day

There´s nothing quite like the day you get married, whether it's in Barcelona, Tarragona, Sitges or beyond.

All the world stops for a few hours as you experience the time-honored magic of matrimony, the joining of two souls in one grand adventure. It reminds me of something English poet Percy Shelley once wrote:

    "The fountains mingle with the river, And the rivers with the ocean;

    The winds of heaven mix forever, with a sweet emotion; nothing in the world is single."

At the same time, your wedding day will be a blur of joy, thrill and ecstasy. "Capturing those moments is what I do as a wedding photographer in Barcelona.".

I believe each wedding is like a person – unique in its expressions, beautiful in its nature and brimming with the moments of greatness.

Barcelona Wedding Photography Services

I use professional Nikon equipment and more than a decade of experience to tell your story just the way it should be told.

I approach your big day with the curiosity of a photojournalist, looking for the grand gestures and the elegant details.

A classic cathedral, the elegant Can Ribas or a quaint courtyard – no matter the location, I give you amazing wedding photographs at competitive prices.

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