TripAdvisor Names Three Barcelona Hotels in Spain’s Top-25 Small Hotels

A trio of Barcelona hotels — Hotel Mercer, Casa Camper, Placa DO Reial — made it into TripAdvisor’s recent list of Spain’s top-25 small hotels.

The list is a yearly list in which TripAdvisor ranks the hotels based on their community scores. For example, the top small hotel in Spain has received 195 votes, 191 of which were ranked “Excellent”.

Mercer Hotel, Barcelona

According to rankings given by the TripAdvisor travel community, Hotel Mercer is the fourth-best small hotel in all of Spain. The hotel has 536 reviews on TripAdvisor, with 461 of those reviews scored “Excellent” and 62 of them rated “Very Good”. Currently, Mercer Hotel is the highest rated hotel in TripAdvisor’s Barcelona hotel section.

If you want to read our perspective of the hotel, take a look at our review of Barcelona’s Hotel Mercer.

Barcelona's Mercer Hotel made TripAdvisor's list of top 25 small hotels in Spain.

Casa Camper, Barcelona

Coming in ninth on the list of TripAdvisor’s best small hotels in Spain is Casa Camper, a hotel near Barcelona’s contemporary art museum (MACBA). The hotel has 1,134 reviews, 960 of which are “Excellent” and 143 of which are “Very Good”. Casa Camper is the second-highest rated hotel in Barcelona.

Barcelona's Casa Camper hotel made TripAdvisor's list of top 25 small hotels in Spain.

Placa D.O. Reial, Barcelona

Finishing 20th on the list of top small hotels in Spain, Placa D.O. Reial is the sixth-best hotel in Barcelona, according to TripAdvisor’s user ratings. The hotel has received 355 reviews, 294 or which are “Excellent” and 46 of which are “Very Good”. The hotel is located in Barcelona’s iconic Plaza Reial, home to numerous restaurants and two lampposts designed by Antoni Gaudi.

Barcelona's Placa D.O. Reial hotel made TripAdisor's list of top 25 small hotels in Spain

Mercer Hotel photo credit: Mercer Hotel
Casa Camper photo credit: Daigo Oliva, Flickr Creative Commons
Placa D.O. photo credit: Serge Melki, Flickr Creative Commons

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