Instagramming Festa Major de Gracia

Fron Aug. 15 to Aug. 21, Barcelona celebrated the Festa Major de Gracia, a beloved tradition in one of the city’s best neighborhoods.

Gracia’s streets are one of the most fun things about checking out FMdG. Neighbors work together to decorate their streets in order to win “Best Street” at Festa Major de Gracia. The week-long festival ends up being a giant costume party, except the streets are the ones wearing the costumes and the visitors are the ones who get to enjoy the show.

Here are some photos of our favorite streets from….

Barcelona’s 2015 Festa Major de Gracia

This pretty lady adorned the western entrance of Carrer Verdi’s very Eastern-themed Japanese motif. Dragons, lanterns, a sumo wrestler and a magical multicolored canopy won top honors at this year’s festival…


Carrer Verdi won Best Street at this year’s #festamajordegracia . The designs were amazing! #Barcelona

A photo posted by Barcelona Experience: (@bcn_exp) on

    …and in this photo you can see why. Neighbors hand-painted the street’s lanterns and hung hundreds of strips of lavender-colored bubble wrap…        

More amazing street decorating on Career Verdi at #festamajordegracia in #Barcelona . A photo posted by Barcelona Experience: (@bcn_exp) on


…but not every street went Japanese. The jungle theme was popular in this corner of Gracia:


    Now back to Verdi, where this sumo wrestler welcomed visitors…        

A sumo wrestler welcomes all visitor to Career Verdi during the #festamajordegracia in #Barcelona . A photo posted by Barcelona Experience: (@bcn_exp) on


…and this sign expressed love for the neighborhood festival.


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