The Best of The Barcelona Experience Blog: 2015

Over the past year and a half, we’ve had a blast writing about our amazing city and the surrounding areas.

While that’s inspiration enough to launch a yearly “Best of” recap of our favorite blog posts, we’ve also chosen September as our celebration of the Barcelona Experience best-of because September is home to Catalan Independence Day.

On Sept. 11, Catalans celebrate Sept. 11, 1714, the day Catalonia lost its battle against the Spanish and French. Known as La Diada, it’s perhaps the most celebrated day of the year besides Christmas and Three Kings Day.

With that in mind, let’s start our countdown of our five favorite posts of the year, beginning with….

#5: 4 Barcelona Beaches Explained By Fictional Celebrity Marriages

We think this post is worth including on our list because it gives visitors a basic guide to Barcelona beaches, while also showing them that the city’s coastline is made up of more than just Barceloneta Beach.

Anna Kendrick, Barcelona Beaches Comparison
Not only will you get a few good laughs out of our observations (we hope!) but you’ll also get some great recommendations for some fantastic beaches next time you’re in town.

#4: Attack of the Squid! Eating Barcelona’s Inky Delicacy

A lot of people loved our squid post. We think it’s because squid just isn’t all that common in the United States and the United Kingdom (where many of our readers are from). Though it may sound unappetizing, squid is delicious in so many different ways.


Think of our squid post as a guide to the various forms in which you can enjoy this tasty little treat from the Mediterranean Sea.

#3 Boozing BCN: A Guide To Barcelona Drinks

You’ve already read above that Barcelona is a city of beaches and seafood. Now get ready for the next great facet of this amazing place: its drinks. Our Boozing BCN guide includes 10 drinks, ranging from well-known quaffers like cava and to more local booze like orujo.

Vermouth, Barcelona Drinks, Barcelona Blog

Like our other posts, this post will give you plenty of tips for what to order next time you open up a drink menu during a delicious meal in Barcelona.


#2 Top Five Overrated Things To Do In Barcelona

Our Posts of the Year wouldn’t be complete without addressing some of the overrated elements of Barcelona. Many tourists come here expecting to drink and eat certain things. Our list of overrated things to do in Barcelona not only points out some stereotypes, but it also gives you suggestions for more local alternatives.


We think you’ll enjoy our suggestions. There’s some great food and drink, as well as some excellent locations to visit that aren’t located on Barceloneta or Las Ramblas.

#1 Top Ten Things To Do For People Who Hate Top 10 Lists

….and we have a winner! Barcelona and the neighboring city of Castelldefels are amazing places to explore. We’ve done all the searching and have found 10 things you can do that give you an authentic and unique Barcelona Experience. Enjoy!


The Journey Continues

We see our blog as a chance to share our city with you. Because Barcelona is  such a complex city, there is not shortage of content! If you’d like to keep current on our newest posts, sign-up for an email subscription in the top-right hand corner of your screen. Also, stop by our Bike Tours page to see the latest two-wheeled adventures we’re offering.

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