Travel Bloggers + Free Bike Tours = #BCNFBT

Free. Bike. Tour.

We love a good FBT almost as much as we love a good travel blogger. April 30 marks the beginning of TBEX in Costa Brava, and we want to say “Welcome to Costa Brava and Barcelona” as best as we know how.

That’s why we’ve created a contest through which a group of 10 different travel bloggers will win an FBT with us, Barcelona Experience. It’s pretty much 50 shades of epic.

All Bloggers Welcome

The rules are simple: you must be an established travel blogger and you can’t be an employee of a Barcelona tour agency. No tricks. No bamboozling.

Where We’ll Go & When

We’ll take you and up to 9 of your colleagues through the history-laden passageways of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, then head to the city’s world-famous beaches.The tour will take place in the days leading up to TBEX and the weekend after — we prefer the days before TBEX (April 28-29) or the days after (May 3-4). a Rafflecopter giveaway

11 Chances to Win

They say Hercules built Barcelona. Fortunately, it won’t take a Herculean effort to enter the contest. You’ve got six different ways to snag entries. Five of those chances take just a few seconds — follow one or all of our social media accounts. You get one entry each for your like or follow. If you’re more interested in winning than merely entering, you can get five (Yahtzee!) entries for posting on your blog a Barcelona-themed Q&A with our team.

Spread The FBT Love

If you’re like, “I want FBT love,” then don’t be shy. Tweet #BCNFBT with a link ( to the contest! The giveaway ends on April 10. 11 entires. One awesome FBT with us, one of the Barcelona bike tour business originals.

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