Painting Workshops In Barcelona!

Nothing quite inspires creativity like a painting workshop in an art museum.

This past December we hosted a painting workshop inside Barcelona’s European Museum of Modern Art, a museum with eclectic exhibition of local artists and temporary exhibitions tucked away amid the winding streets of Old City just a few steps away from the entrance to the Picasso Museum.

Our most recent incentive program took place in an art gallery, where employees participated in a painting workshop.

We enjoy a good bike tour or walking tour, but painting workshops offer us that chance to help visitors create something amazing and learn about Barcelona’s local art scene while having a ton of fun. We organized this particular painting workshop for a group of employees from an international company.

Using A Painting Workshop To Turn Average People Into Artists

Employees finishing up their painting workshop during the incentive program in Barcelona.

Since Barcelona is a creative, artistic city, an event like a painting workshop is an excellent way to incorporate the city’s creative heart with theintention to inspire a team of employees, entertain a wedding party or group of friends or have an unforgettable experience with your children.

A pair of employees works on a painting during a workshop for an employee incentive program.

Our painting workshops focus on teamwork, creativity and an exposure to local artists. Our latest employee paint workshop focused on a piece of art called “Running Man” by famous Barcelona artist Joan Miró.  The painting workshop lasted about 60 minutes, but this time can vary based on the complexity of the painting you choose.

We provided the paintbrushes and the materials for our most recent employee incentives paint workshop.

The teams of employees worked together with the resources they had — paint, brushes, canvases, easels and aprons we provided — to create a reproduction of their portion of the Miró painting.

This sounds a lot easier than it actually is. The teams participating in the painting workshop each approached their painting differently. Some used their intuition to create their portion of the painting while others planned theirs out meticulously before putting paint to the canvas.

A team of two paints during a workshop as part of an incentive program for employees in Barcelona.

By the end of the evening, the seemingly stodgy workers had become animated painters. It was a joy to see the teams express themselves in different ways.

Some laughed, smiled and joked their way through their projects while others took a more serious approach to the painting, analyzing the dimensions of the canvas and using their rulers like paintbrushes. It was really fulfilling for us to see people express themselves in such unique ways — for us, that’s what a painting workshop is all about.

The Grand Finale: A Workshop You Can Be Proud Of

After the paint had dried, we brought each of the nine pieces together and ordered them on the floor of the gallery. What resulted was a pretty amazing replica of Miró’s original painting. 

It was a difficult task to match the exact colors, proportions and overall composition of Miró’s original painting, but we think the teams did pretty well.

Painting Workshops For Families & Groups

Painting workshops are an amazing idea for families or events or groups who want to come to Barcelona and have a unique, non-toursity experience which allows them to get their hands into the real culture behind the tourist brochures.

We’ll select a painting which represents Barcelona well, give you the background of the painting and the artist and then we’ll help you to choose the perfect location for your painting workshop — the breathtaking heights of Tibidabo, the cozy confines of one of the city’s many art museums or other unique locations which represent the spirit of Barcelona.

Two employess are pleased with the result of their painting workshop during their comapny's employee incentive program in Barcelona.

We provide you all the materials you need to complete your project. When you’re done, you’ll have a handmade piece of art you take home with you. We think that’s just about the best souvenir you can take home from an adventure to Barcelona.

Painting Workshops: The Fast Facts

  • We help you choose a painting, logo or design for your workshop
  • We’ll help you choose the location of your painting workshop
  • We provide all the materials needed for the painting workshop
  • You’ll get a manual which will help you plan and perfect your painting
  • Workshops are 1 to 2 hours long, depending on the complexity of the painting
  • Workshops in art museums can be combined with museum tours
  • Decide the objective of the workshop: team-buidling, family bonding, fun or competition.

 If you want to set up a painting workshop for your next trip to Barcelona, send us an email!

Who We Are: More Than Just Painting Workshops

 If you want to find out more about why we do what we do and what we offer, take a look at our Barcelona Experience shore excursions and day tours “Why Barcelona Experience?” page.

Take a look at our “About Barcelona” section to find out more about our city and to narrow down your list of locations for your next painting workshop.

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