Instagramming Barcelona: Giants, Statues and More

Barcelona is one of the world’s most photogenic city.

Walking, driving, metroing or biking through BCN practically demands that you have your Instagram account ready to fire off dozen snapshots of the Mediterranean’s most amazing metropolis.

We posted a few months ago a series of photos we took of Barcelona’s Parc de la Ciutadella. Today, we’re continuing our Instagrammification of our beloved Barcelona with some recent photos we took around the Old City; Plaza Catalunya and Barcelona’s “suburbs”. Enjoy!

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A thought-provoking statue in Plaza Catalunya…


A sculpture by Josep Clarà in Plaza Catalunya, the “Enigma”. #PlazaCatalunya #JosepClarà #l’enigma #Barcelona

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This sculpture is very similar to a sculpture titled, “Despair” in Barcelona’s Parc de la Ciutadella. Both statues portray pensive, sad women who seem like they’re searching for something they cannot find.

Getting close to a gigante, parade statues used at several of Barcelona’s yearly religious festivals…


“Catalan Giants” walking the streets of the Gothic Quarter. #Barcelona #giants A photo posted by Barcelona Experience: (@bcn_exp) on

Barcelona’s gigantes add a surreal feel to the city’s religious festivals. The gigantes are at their best during La Merce, the yearly September festival in Barcelona which celebrates the divine mercies given to the city during its often painful, often precarious history.

Calatrava Bridge, leading into Barcelona’s Clot neighborhood…


A section of the #CalatravaBridge in #Barcelona.

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Does the name “Calatrava” sound familiar? He’s the architect who designed the Calatrava Tower, a focal point of the Olympic facilities on Montjüic.

Walking by the old aqueduct…


Traces of the Roman aqueduct that provided #Barcelona with water can be seen on this wall. #romanAquaductBarcelona

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You may not have known it, but Barcelona was a Roman original. The Romans founded the city more than 2,000 years ago. They named it “Barcino”. The Old City is in the heart of Barcelona’s Roman history. This photo shows remnants of the aqueduct that ran through the city.

Want to learn more about our city? Take a look at our “About Barcelona” page, which has information about all of the cities main points of interest and tourist attractions, ranging from Barcelona’s beloved native son and architect Antoni Gaudí, the city’s famous buildings and structures, its fascinating museums and its beautiful parks and gardens

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