The Best Beer in Barcelona: Edge Brewing

Craft beer enthusiasts, rejoice.

Beer enthusiasts, rejoice.

Enthusiasts, rejoice.


EDGE Brewing, Barcelona Blog

Our recommendation to visit Barcelona’s Edge Brewing is a call to lovers of craft beer, lovers of beer and lovers of pretty much anything to enhance their Barcelona experience by tilting back a glass of beer from Edge next time they’re in town.

We had the privilege of visiting Edge in 2014 when they held their grand opening party. Tours of the warehouse space gave visitors a sneak peek into the brewing process. Local and expat employees buzzed behind the bar, serving up a variety of different ales, IPA’s, stouts and more to visitors. A food truck hung out near the industrial-sized garage door that let the early evening light flood into the brewery.  It was a magical experience.

EDGE Brewing, Barcelona Blog

Yet with all breweries and restaurants in Barcelona, a good start doesn’t always mean guaranteed longevity. In a city teeming with cafes, bars and eateries, the turnover is insanely high. Storefronts are in constant transition. Boutiques become bars, bars become cafes, cafes become boutiques and the cycle continues.

The seemingly unavoidable metamorphoses which pervade nearly every corner of Barcelona’s food and drink scene has yet to spoil the magic at Edge. In fact, the brewery isn’t just surviving in its modest Bogatell brewery. Edge is thriving.

The Beer

We love a good IPA and Edge’s Hoptimista is the ultimate bitter Barcelona tryst. You need to know this because there’s a good chance you’ll be lured into quaffing BrewDog IPA’s when you come to Barcelona.

EDGE Brewing, Barcelona Blog

Save your taste buds, save your cash, and save yourself from a subpar Brew Dog experience by hailing a cab, riding a bus or hopping on the metro and placing your hops-hungry longings at the feet of Edge’s Hoptimista, the truest IPA experience you can find in the city. The page for Edge’s Hoptimista (Cascade hops) boasts a 99 rating.

EDGE serves up plenty more than IPA, though: porter, saison, amber ale, double IPA and more.


The Brewery

Edge is located near the Bogatell (L4, yellow line) just a few blocks from the beach and serves as the entry into Barcelona’s thriving Poble Nou neighborhood. They host After Work events a few Fridays a month. On most Saturdays you can join in on their Come Explore Saturday Sessions, in which you get a tour of the brewer and a tasting flight of their fine brew.

Our recommendation? Attend a Saturday Session (€15) and bring an extra €20 to buy a growler of your favorite beer. You may not be able to take it back with you on the plane, but it’s worth it to fill up the growler and share with friends Edge’s phenomenal craft creations while you’re in town.

Want to know more about Edge? Check out the Edge Brewing website, this article from a newspaper in Ocala (Fl.) and all their latest tweets on Edge Brewing’s Twitter page.

Photo Credit: Edge Brewing Facebook Page

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