What To Do in Barcelona: The Discerning Day-Tour Traveler

Barcelona is a city brimming with activities. When you’re planning a visit to our city and you’ve decided you want to do day tours of the city, it’s difficult to know what kind of tour would be a good fit for you. We’re going to make sightseeing easy for you. Let’s dive into our tours and help you decide what day tour is best for you.

What To Do In Barcelona: Private Walking Tours

A couple strolls through the Old City during one of our Barcelona Experince day walking tours.
A couple of our clients enjoying a walking tour through the Old City


Barcelona is a city destined for walking tours. The narrow streets of the Old City beg for the curious cadences of inquisitive walkers. 

Pros of walking tours in Barcelona:

  • You can focus your time on one neighborhood or area of the city
  • You get great exercise while touring Barcelona
  • Perfect for people who like slow travel 

Cons of walking tours in Barcelona:

  • You don’t have enough time to see the entire city in one tour
  • Walking can be difficult for clients with back, hip or leg problems

      What to consider when choosing a walking tour company in Barcelona:

    • Is their client-to-guide ratio acceptable? We keep our walking tours at 10 people or less.
    • How are their guides’ English? Our tour leaders speak perfect, clear English.
    • Do they interact? We like to think of our tours as a chance to talk with you, not at you.

     If you’re the kind of person who loves to take things at a leisurely pace, our walking tour is perfect for you. Our bike tours are amazing in their own right, but the city definitely flies by much faster by two wheels than by two feet.

    What To Do In Barcelona: Private Bike Tours

    One of our clients making a turn on one of the narrow streets of Barcelona's Old City during a bike tour.
    Zipping around a corner one in the Old City during on of our bike tours.
    Hopping on a bicycle to see the sights may be the best decision you make. Our high-quality bikes make it easy for you to navigate big thoroughfares and narrow streets during your bike tour of Barcelona:

    Pros of bike tours in Barcelona:

    • See plenty of important sites in a short amount of time
    • Barcelona’s bike paths make a bike tour safe and enjoyable
    • Riding a bike in Barcelona is an experience in itself
    • You have the option of choosing mountain biking, road biking or city biking
    • Our bikes are compact, versatile and high-quality (click here to read more about our bikes)

    Cons of bike tours in Barcelona:

    • Less focus on one area of the city
    • You might prefer a slower pace

        What to consider when choosing a bike tour company in Barcelona:

      • Is their client-to-guide ratio acceptable? We limit our bike tour groups to 15 people.
      • How is their bike support? We usually have an extra rider with us who can fix problems on the spot.
      • Do they have quality bikes or dented and dusty steel donkeys? Our Dahon bikes are some of the best, and we regularly maintain our fleet.

      If your time in Barcelona is limited and you want to see as much of the city as you can without being stuck in a car, our Barcelona bike tours are your best choice. 

      What To Do In Barcelona: Private Driving Tour

      One of our clients enjoying the drive to Montjuic in a climate-controlled private car during a driving tour.
      Heading up the winding roads of Montjuic during a private driving day tour


      Enjoying Barcelona by car is both a luxurious and practical option for getting a comprehensive experience of Barcelona. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of a driving day tour in Barcelona:

      Pros of driving tours in Barcelona:

      Cons of driving tours in Barcelona:

      • Travel between sites isn’t as fun as walking or biking
      • Not much exercise involved

        What to consider when choosing a driving day tour company in Barcelona:

        • Are they charging your group a fare rate? Per person prices seem cheap at first, but when your group gets bigger the price gets higher. Our flat fee prices for groups are rarely beaten.
        • What amenities do their vehicles have? The van we use for small groups is climate-controlled, spacious, has a sun roof and is spotless.

        Sightseeing in private car with Barcelona Experience is perfect for travelers who want to see as much of the city and the region with the freedom to change or modify their plans. You can go where you want, when you want. Our driving tours a great option for discerning globetrotters who like the climate-controlled privacy of their own vehicle.


        What To Do In Barcelona: Bike Rentals


        Renting a bike to explore Barcelona is a great option for travelers who want to add a self-scheduled adventure to their already-booked private tours. A bike rental at the end of your trip is, as they say, the icing on the cake:

        Pros of Barcelona bike rentals:

        • You have the freedom to design your own itinerary
        • It’s easier to blend into the crowd on our bikes…we don’t use advertising or company names on our bicycles
        • You have the flexibility to rent for an hour, a few hours, a day or longer
        • City, mountain and road bikes allow you to choose the bike that best fits your needs
        • Mountain bike rentals let you explore the high points of Barcelona

        Cons of renting a bike in Barcelona:

        • There’s no guide to help you decide where to go, where to eat and what to see
        • It can be overwhelming to navigate Barcelona’s streets by yourself during the peak tourist season
        • You are responsible for any damages the bike sustains during your rental period

        What to consider when choosing a bike rental company in Barcelona:

        • What do they do when something goes wrong? If you choose our bike delivery service, we’ll come to you to fix any problems your bicycle may have.
        • Are you getting a steel donkey that’s seen one-too-many thrills and spills? Our bikes undergo frequent maintenance so you can ride in safety, comfort and style.

        If you’re interested in booking one of our day tours, whether walking, driving or biking, let us know! Click here to send us an email, or go to our website and fill out our contact form.

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