UberEATS Comes To Barcelona!

We’ve got great news for Barcelona foodies: UberEats!

Uber, the American company famous for its taxi/ridesharing app is also known for its emerging food-delivery services. On February 25, the super-cool company launched UberEATS, a daily food delivery service in Barcelona.

The concept is simple: download UberEATS, browse the visually appealing menu and order between 12:30 and 3:30 p.m. and 8 and 11 p.m.!

We want to let the website’s pictures do the talking…if you’re like us, your stomach will be rumbling and you’ll be ready to order through Barcelona’s awesome new delivery app, UberEATS.

“Every day our app offers you the best dishes from the best restaurants in the city,” UberEATS’ website says. “We’ll bring it to you ready to eat in less than 10 minutes with just a touch of a button.”

UberEATS, Barcelona

The tasty little burger you see above is from popular local burger joint from “El Filet Ruso”, The Russian Filet. It features tasty roasted red peppers,  spinach, walnuts, romesco sauce and an all-beef patty. This is the quintessential Catalan eco-burger. Cheers to UberEATS Barcelona!

Thai, UberEats, Barcelona BlogVietnamese curry = heaven. This dish prepared by Bun Bo is doused in mild curry sauce and contains a variety of vibrant Vietnamese flavors: ginger, citrus, coconut milk and a happy family of vegetables and chicken. The little rice paper wrap you see off to the side is filled with shrimp, pork, rice noodles and other tasty accoutrements. Salud, UberEATS Barcelona!

If you’re headed to Barcelona and you want a full culinary experience, let us know. We offer tailor-made Barcelona bike tours we can customize to include our top tapas joints. You’re guaranteed to get fantastic food from restaurants we’ve tried, loved and returned to for their quality ingredients and authentic cuisine.

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