The Barcelona Experience 2014 Post of the Year Campaign

Two things we love: Barcelona and great stories about Barcelona.
We’re not alone in our dual affections — Barcelona is a beloved stopover for travel bloggers around the world. This past year we’ve read dozens of posts about our beloved city.
Like a protective big brother, we read these posts with a critical eye and with the hope travel bloggers do justice to our grand city.
So, we’ve created our Barcelona Experience 2014 Post of the Year Award…#BCNPOY for short. 

We want to find the single best post about Barcelona written this year between January 1 and September 30. 

Read on for the judging methodology, the rules for the #BCNPOY campaign and our responses to what we think will be the two biggest objections to our methodology.

The Judging: Accuracy, Originality, Readability

We believe good travel writing is based on principles of accuracy, originality, and readability:
  • Accuracy – Are the facts in the post current and correct? Are the names of neighborhoods, festivals and other Barcelonisms spelled right? Is the advice spot-on?
  • Originality – Does the post offer original ideas and tips? Does it give you an insight into the city you otherwise wouldn’t find on other blogs? Is the voice of the writer evident in the post?
  • Readability – Is there a level of artistry and skill in the writing? Does the style make you want to finish reading the article? Is the stuff interesting?
This not a vote-based campaign. We will judge the entries for accuracy, originality and readability.

The Rules: Simple

The #BCNPOY campaign rules aren’t fancy, laden with self-promotion gimmicks or fantastic prizes. They are as follows:
  • The writer wrote the post between Jan. 1 and Sept. 30.
  • The post is original content, not copy-and-paste shenanigans.
  • Spain-based writers are not allowed to enter. Visitors only.
Submit your nominations through:

  • social [at] barcelonaexperience [dot] com
  • The #BCNPOY hashtag
  • The Comments section below

Don’t forget to send us a link to the post, not the blog!

The Objection: No Voting? No Spain Writers?

There is a method to our madness. 
Voting-style campaigns favor writers with social media popularity. Big followings do not make good writers — good writing does, and that’s what #BCNPOY is all about. 

Allowing Spain-based writers — and Barcelona writers, no less — makes the playing field uneven. #BCNPOY wants writers who can translate a personal, unique experience with Barcelona into a glittering post that honors the city and the culture.

And there you have it. Let the mission to find the 2014 Barcelona Post of the Year begin!

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