Pakta Attack! Ferran Adriá’s JaPeruvian Restaurant Scores Michelin Star

Not bad, Mr. Adriá.

This past week the prestigious Michelin Guide released its 2015 list of Michelin star restaurants. Barcelona maintained its collection of 23 starred restaurants, while welcoming newcomer and Ferran Adria brainchild Patka, a restaurant which features Japanese-Peruvian fusion.

“A colourful, contemporary and informal restaurant that evokes Peruvian culture. This is evident both in its name (that means ‘together’ or ‘union’ in the Quechua language) and its decor with walls and ceilings adorned with striking fabrics,” the 2015 Michelin Guide said of Pakta. “However, the cuisine is very much Japanese, showcasing lots of technical prowess and meticulous presentation.”

According to the restaurant’s website, diners are treated to a 25-course tasting menu. Each dinner service is limited to 32 patrons.

Pakta’s team of chefs and cooks can accommodate special dietary needs. However, there is no menu exclusively available for vegans, the site says.

We’ll let Pakta’s pictures do the talking….

An elegant fish course oozing Adriá’s creativity and flair
Beautiful combination of rice and fish

Rustic, refined presentation
The simplicity of a Japanese sushi restaurant with the colorful flair of Peru.

Photo Credit: Pakta

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