Highlighting the High Life: Barcelona’s Luxury Hotels

Choosing the right luxury hotel is tough enough in Barcelona’s crowded travel accommodation map. Do you go with the big names like W and Ritz Carlton? Do you let TripAdvisor tell you? Star-ratings. Location. Amenities. Reviews. Price.

It´s a dizzying array of facts that can be overwhelming. Not for long, we say. We’ve got interviews and tours lined up for some of Barcelona’s finest accommodations. We ask important questions on your behalf, and we find bits of information we know you’ve been waiting to hear. When it’s all said and done, you can travel to Barcelona knowing where you want to stay. To travel with a plan is to travel happy.

Barcelona’s Luxury Hotels: We Do The Looking, You Do The Booking

We want to make your luxury hotel decision an easy one. After all, doing the hard work so you can enjoy your travels is part of our core Barcelona Experience philosophy. Starting this week, we’ll be writing about many of Barcelona’s 5-Star Grand Luxury (gran lujo, as we say) hotels. Each one of our blog posts will feature:

1. Direct quotes from hotel marketing/sales directors about the hotel’s philosophy, staff, history and the aspects which set it apart from its 5-star counterparts.

2. A list of hotel amenities that include special room amenities, spa amenities, overall hotel service and standard room information including square meters, price and other important facts.

3. Contact information for the hotel, as well as a link through which you can book a room at the hotel for your upcoming travel.

4. An ongoing spreadsheet through which you can compare every hotel in the Barcelona Luxury Hotel series.

5. The hotel’s overall TripAdvisor rating.

6. Our ratings for various aspects of the hotel.

A view from a suite terrace at Le Meridien, a Barcelona luxury hotel.
A view from one of the suites of Barcelona’s Le Meridien

If you’d like to know more about the style and perspective of our hotel reviews, take a look at our recent blog article about the W Barcelona, its amenities and its summer WET Deck series.

Have you stayed in one of the city’s 5-star luxury hotels? Let our blog audience know by leaving a comment below.

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