Barcelona’s Ciutadella Park in Pictures

Barcelona’s Ciutadella Park is a symbol of the region’s struggle against foreign occupation and a symbol of Catalonia’s rebirth as an international tourist destination.

Buildings, monuments and information kiosks point to the park’s storied past. Battles for Catalán independence were fought in the neighborhoods and areas in and around the park in the early 1700´s. Later in the area’s history, the park was reformed and rebuilt to host the city’s 1929 international exposition.

Over time, Ciutadella has become a favorite for the city’s divergent crowd — slacklining, offbeat street performances and drum circles are a common site in Barcelona’s largest inner-city green space.

All photos are taken with a smartphone, probably the most common form of photography in Barcelona.

Ciutadella Park's fountain is one of Barcelona's most beautiful examples of  neo-classical architecture.
A front view of the park’s neo-classical fountains
Ciutadella Park in Barcelona is home to a variety of flora and fauna
Trees await the coming of spring

Street performers are a common sight in Barecelona's Ciutadella Park.
A street performer makes bubbles in front of the fountains

Kids running through the park’s open spaces
The golden statue of Aurora charging into the rising sun is the highlight of Barcelona's Ciutadella Park.
A golden statue of Aurora in a chariot highlights the park’s fountains
This woolly mammoth in Ciutadella Park hearkens back to Barcelona's prehistoric history.
A statue of Barcelona’s pre-historic resident

Ciutadella Park is Barcelona's biggest green space within the city.
Bright magenta flowers highlight the eastern entrance of the park

Statues and other works of art abound in Barcelona's Ciutadella Park.
A statue of Catalán writer Emili Vilanova

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