Barcelona NYE 2015: New Year’s Eve Fireworks & More

Barcelona knows how to party.

NYE is a big deal in the city by the sea. Though big brother Madrid’s Puerta del Sol celebration is the closest thing Spain has to the NYC countdown, Barcelona has enough excitement to give even the most legendary NYE locations a run for their money, whether its euros, dollars, yen or pounds.

Plaza Espanya: Barcelona’s  New Year’s Eve 2015 Celebration & Fireworks

Last year we stood at the foot of the Font Magica, looking back to a sea of people stretching from where we were standing all the way to Plaza Espanya. It was a grand spectacle — the crowd was shoulder-to-shoulder for hundreds of yards.

Fireworks were exploding overhead, sparkling wine was bubbling, grapes were being devoured and an overall sense of elation flooded Barcelona’s most popular NYE celebration.

Here’s a YouTube video which captures the spirit of the moment. As you’ll see, people, enthusiasm and vigorous shouts of joy were plentiful:

We expect nothing less this year. According to Barcelona’s official NYE page, the festivities will begin at Plaza Espanya at 11:30 with a variety of entertainment. Fireworks will kick off at midnight and festivities will continue until 12:30.

When the clock strikes 12, you’ll hear a series of bells ring 12 times. It is customary to eat a grape for each ring of the bell, as the tradition will bring you good fortune and luck in the New Year. Don’t be bashful about bringing a bottle of sparkling wine with you, either!

How to Get to the Barcelona 2015 New Year’s Eve Celebration and Fireworks

If you’re heart is set on celebrating New Year’s Eve 2015 in Barcelona’s Plaza Espanya, you’ve made the right choice. The plaza is easily accessible by metro. Take either the red line (L1) or the green line (L3). 
Cab drivers know the plaza; if you want to avoid the crowded metro. 
Buses run frequently between Plaza Catalunya and Plaza Espanya. 

WARNING! Madness Make The Commute Crazy!

If you are planning on heading to Plaza Espanya for the party, we suggest you head to the Poble Sec metro stop on the green line around 9:00 p.m.  and grab some tapas and drinks. Then, head to Plaza Espanya. The whole area around the plaza will be packed and the earlier you arrive, the better.

If you try arriving after 11:30 p.m., you’ll most likely be really far from the action and, in some cases, the metro will stop running the stop before Plaza Espanya because the crowds are so gigantic. Also, the commute back to your flat or hotel will be insanely crowded. Long lines form at the metro stations, and, in many cases, metro trains will be so full you can’t get on. If you are the least bit claustrophobic, be prepared to be extremely nervous. The same goes for buses.

You’re better off calling for a cab, but even that can be tricky. If you’re stuck, head back to Poble Sec and hide out in a bar for a while. They’re sure to have glasses of cava for cheap, and it will help you pass the time as the crowds thin out!

Are There Other NYE Events in Barcelona?

Yes, there are other events. Plaza Catalunya and Las Ramblas are popular places to celebrate the New Year. These areas can be just as busy as Plaza Espanya, but the spaces are more confined and the area can be a hotbed for pickpockets and dangerously drunk tourists.
If you’re looking for an alternative to the giant crowds, the neighborhood of El Carmel offers to amazing places — the Rovira bunkers and the hill behind Park Güell. Accessing these two high points can be tricky.

Experiencing a Bird’s-Eye View of Barcelona’s 2015 New Year’s Eve Fireworks

The easiest option is to take the 24 bus from Plaza Catalunya all the way through the city, up the hill past Park Güell and get off at the third stop past Park Güell. 
Walk to the stoplight, cross the street and you’ll see a wide open asphalt space. Walk through the space (while noticing the beautiful views to the left) and continue past the tan brick building on the right. As soon as the building ends, you’ll see a well-marked dirt path to your right.
Take that path until you come to a T in the trail (about two minutes of walking). From there, you can decide to go to a nice lookout point to the left, or you can go to the right and, when the trail stops at the wall, follow the wall and the fenceline up the mountain to the top. It sounds more difficult than it is, and most likely you won’t be the only person making the trek to the top to view the fireworks. 
Bring a blanket, a bottle of cava, some of your favorite Spanish snacks and enjoy from up high Barcelona’s New Year’s Eve 2015 celebration and fireworks. Don’t forget to bundle up…it will be chilly! And don’t forget your 12 grapes!

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