Barcelona Hotels: Luxury Reviews

Click on any of the hotel headlines or photos below to read our reviews of these Barcelona hotels. Scroll farther down to read about why we started our luxury hotel series and how we do our reviews.

Why and How We Do Our Reviews

Barcelona is a city where everyone has an opinion, everyone has a post and everyone is an “expert”.

Part of the benefit of living in a city about which you write is that it gives us a healthy skepticism of outside opinion. For this reason, we decided we’d take you into the world of Barcelona’s 5-Star Grand Luxury hotels.

The lobby at Hotel Miramar

We don’t ¬†want you to get your information from a random travel blogger who read a few travel sites to get information about Hotel Miramar or El Palace. We aren’t going to give you “objective” information we gathered during a comped stay at a hotel. If we’re comped, we’ll tell you exactly what we received and we’ll warn you to take our advice with a grain of salt.

Our Philosophy: Accuracy, Objectivity

Part of this hard-core philosophy comes from our team. Our copywriter is a former journalist who won three Florida Press Club awards for his work at a daily newspaper in Central Florida. Our founder is a perfectionist – the only thing worse that incorrect information, he believes, is incorrect information about Barcelona.
We aren’t being snooty or high-minded. We’re being stubborn about accuracy.

The WET DECK pool at W Barcelona

Our Methodology: Interviews, Important Questions

That being said, we hope you enjoy our series on Barcelona’s 5SGL hotels. To craft our stories, we sat down with hotel staff to interview them about the aspects of their properties that matter to travelers: philosophy of service, uniqueness, staff personality and the like.

We give you information we get straight from the people who manage and dictate each hotel’s guest services, marketing and sales. We ask the same questions of every hotel, publish the same number of photos in each post (five) and write the same number of pros and cons for each property (three pros, three cons).

A junior suite at Mercer Hotel

5-Star Grand Luxury: What Does It Mean?

The hotel rating system in Barcelona is specific to amenities and dimensions. “Grand Luxury” ratings aren’t based on customer reviews or crowd-sourced ratings. They are a set of specific guidelines determined by Barcelona’s official hotel association. These standards are purely based on amenities — percentage of rooms that are suites, square meters of rooms and other numbers-based evaluations. The ratings are not based on customer service and other client-specific amenities like varying VIP perks.

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